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We empower our youth

Connecting central Texas with culturally-competent support and care

AAUL Project Wellness is designed to best connect Central Texas individuals and families to culturally competent support and care. The most unique feature of AAUL Project Wellness is the way that it intentionally encourages and supports participants as they take ownership of their health and well-being.

"Every American has access to quality and affordable health care solutions"

Programs and initiatives

Our current programs and initiatives tackle issues of health access, mental health supports, COVID response, and community empowerment.

Health Access Program

Connect to programs that give you access to healthcare like Medicaid and MAP. Yes, YOU may qualify! Don’t let anything keep you from preventative care, regular screenings, and mental health services. Sign up to submit an application at your initial consultation.

Apply For Assistance

Get support in submitting applications and enrolling in various government and community programs (Medicaid, SNAP, MAP)

Find a Provider

Get connected to culturally appropriate service providers

Emergency Support

During emergencies, find application, enrollment, or research assistance community services and supports (RENT)

COVID-19 Vaccination Events

Get the information you need about COVID-19 while you lend your voice to the decision-makers in Austin and Central Texas by participating in the AAUL Community Conversation series. Express interest in the Community Conversations by filling out this form.

Community Conversations

Let your voice be heard about what you needs to be known, said, and done to continue to address the impact of the pandemic and health disparities.


If you decide to get vaccinated, attend one of our vaccination events. Check the calendar for more information


No events for this month

Get the latest information about the health topics that matter to you.

Our Health Education Outreach Initiatives are designed with you in mind. Follow us on social Media and/or join our email list. So far we’ve distributed vital information about COVID-19 Vaccination and Testing, Medicaid, and HIV.

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Contact us to learn more about our services, volunteer opportunities, and ways to support the movement.