Workforce & Career development

Connecting individuals with employers

Employing Austin one candidate at a time

The Workforce & Career Development (WFCD) program empowers individuals and families to become financially self-sufficient. The Workforce and Career Development division connects individuals seeking employment with their next employers. The WFCD division connects you directly to employers like Gracie Woods, Spectrum, Dell, and Tesla! A direct connection that can reduce your job search from months to minutes.

  • Career counseling
  • Employment assistance
  • Professional development workshops
  • Occupational training
  • Financial literacy and,
  • Long-term retention strategies.

"Our vision is Every American has access to jobs with a living wage and good benefits."

Our Programs

Pathway to a career

Pathway to a Career helps you (16-65) achieve your employment goals by providing an array of learning and developmental opportunities, including interacting with knowledgeable professionals and leaders in your field of interest.

Job Readiness

Readiness means that individuals have the necessary skills, attitudes, information, perspective, intellectual, and social capital necessary to achieve employment.

  • web-based computer literacy programming
  • workplace soft-skills training

Occupational training

  • Healthcare
    • Certified Nurse Assistant Training
  • Construction/OSHA Training
  • Welding
  • Customer Service & Administration
  • Hospitality
  • Information Technology


Our Programs

Returning Citizens Advancement Program

Returning Citizens Advancement Program (RCAP) is a program developed specifically to recruit and serve formerly incarcerated individuals (returning citizens) who have experienced exclusion and barriers to housing, education, and employment leading to an improved quality of life. RCAP training operates in a cohort-style environment where peer support is used as an asset to keep participants engaged. Development, learning, training occurs at the Austin Area Urban League Workforce Development Lab with the assistance of community collaborators.

*This is a four-week course at no cost to the participant.

Building Austin's Workforce

To ready African American and other under-employed populations for meaningful employment and a career utilizing a set of evidence-based standards, impactful local and state partnering, innovative content, asset-based approaches, professional development, and practical tools specifically designed for, and unique to, the Urban League Movement. In order to grow into productive, contributing, professionals one requires a range of developmentally appropriate supports, services, and opportunities, only some of which are provided in other occupational training programs.

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